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Density Measurement

Key Terms

  • Contact:  To use a sensor with wetted materials or probes making physical contact with the material.
  • Non-contact:  To use a sensor which mounts and senses external to the existing piping or vessel.
What we typically need to know:
  • Purpose of the gauge
  • Process Data
        Type process
             - slurry
             - solution
             - emulsion
             - single phase
        Density span & measurement units
        Size & type of piping connections
        Pipe always flooded solid?
  • Media to be sensed
        Flow rate
        Specific gravity
        Suspended solids
  • Licensing arrangements
  • Type of output with coarse or fine accuracy desired
  • Electrical classification and power available
Density can be visualized as how "tightly-packed" the material is.
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