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Flow Meters

Key Terms

  • Rate:  The "speed" or instantaneous amount of flow in gallons per minute, liters per hour, or similar.
  • Total:  The volumetric amount of material over a specified time.
  • Mass:  The weight of flowing material regardless of temperature or density.
  • Batch Control:  To repeatedly flow a prespecified amount for a prespecified time, as in a vessel filling operation.
  • Switch / Indicator:  A simple device which indicates either flow, or no-flow.
What we typically need to know:
  • System description
        Estimated flow range
        Size and type of piping connections
        Pipe always flooded solid?
        Mount in straight piping run?
  • Media to be sensed
        Specific gravity
        Suspended solids
  • Type of output with coarse or fine accuracy desired
  • Electrical classification and power available
Actaris-Neptune NexGen open architecture mass flow transmitter with digital signal processing and explosion proof programmable display enclosure
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