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FLOW NOTES . . . .   Fall 1997

New Development: Schlumberger Mass Flow Meters are now approved for custody transfer.

Which would be faster and cheaper? (a) To fill your tank car, truck, or drum with liquid product by volume or by level, move it to the scale, and then weigh and certify the fill? Or, (b) to continuously weigh the liquid during filling, and certify the total?

Schlumberger mass flow meters are now Handbook 44 approved to meet Weights & Measures standards. As the liquid flows, any variations in density, temperature, pressure, and viscosity are irrelevant, because the flow meter measures the liquid during filling not by volume, but by weight.

Consider the possible advantages:

  • No weigh scales. Immediate savings from decreased maintenance and calibration costs.
  • Exact delivery of all liquid products under varying conditions.
  • No returning underweight containers to the fill station for topping off.
  • No wasted profit from overfilling.
  • No moving parts.

Six meter sizes are available to measure from 0.2 to 15,000 lbs / min at a typical accuracy of ± 0.15%. Average prices including a full-featured batch controller range between $5,000 - $10,000. Please call for more details.

Are you tired of taking hours to rebuild your positive displacement flow meter?

How does only three replacement parts sound? All positive displacement flow meters periodically need to be rebuilt. That's why Neptune offers the type MP (magnetic piston) meter. Specifically designed for ease of maintenance, a complete internal overhaul of the MP usually takes less than 30 minutes.

The MP is available in stainless steel, aluminum, bronze, and cast iron. The outputs can be both visual and electronic. Common sizes are in stock at APEC.

Schlumberger / Neptune flow meters will work in your application. Check our written guarantee.



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