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FLOW NOTES . . . .   Spring 1998

What would you like in your ideal mass flow meter?

Like most of us, you probably want it all. Explosion proof, maximum features, upgradeable, already proven, and of course, reasonably priced. Meet the NexGen mass flow transmitter from Schlumberger. See if you can think of a feature it doesn't have.

The NexGen is rated Class I Div. 1. It�s open architecture, software based for future upgrade. It interfaces with most control and programming systems. It offers full function batch control. It's priced in the $2000's.

Best of all, it uses the proven Schlumberger Omega meter body, with its established record of performance and longevity. Having the best of both worlds is having it all.

Compare Schlumberger's accuracy and pressure drop. As industry continues to develop smart sensors and communications protocols, Schlumberger's NexGen could be the last mass flow meter you�ll ever need.





Q: How do you put a liquid batch control system into a Cl I, Div 1 area?

A: Don't use power.

Do the job mechanically. Neptune offers several models of positive displacement flow meters with mechanically-linked valve options for presettable flow shutoff.

These meters can handle a variety of dirty or viscous fluids and can shut off with two stages in a slow-stop mode. Call APEC for details.


An alternative to a mass flow meter

Often as we evaluate applications for people interested in using mass flow meters, we'll find that their process properties remain fairly constant and they really don't need a mass flow meter.

For these applications we'll usually recommend a high accuracy positive displacement mechanical meter with an electronic pulser or a 4-20 mA transmitter. For example, a Neptune �" 316 stainless steel meter usually costs less than $2000 rated at 1-10 gpm with 0.1% repeatability.



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