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LEVEL NOTES . . . .   Fall 1997

Continuous liquid level transmitter with visual indicator under $1000.  

The Major Controls Model 685 hydrostatic tank gauge senses liquid level in vented tanks. The mechanical visual indicator runs around $600 and has options for two, or four-wire 4-20 mA transmitters, and up to seven switches for discrete outputs.

All process connections are at the bottom of the tank and include various fittings and wetted materials for compatibility with most liquids and viscosities. Ask APEC for a Major / Cemco catalog.


Is your area too dirty for a photo-electric eye switch?

For bin level, object detection, plugged chute, web break, and other uses, photocells are appealing because they mount off to the side instead of contacting the material like a probe. Unfortunately, optical devices are subject to blinding by dust and dirt. If you need to use a non-contact beam breaker technique, call APEC. We have two other technologies for beam breaker devices from Delavan.

Able to take tougher environments than photocells, the Model 220 ultrasonic switch works:

  • from 2 in. - 12 ft.
  • on low bulk density materials to ¼ lb/ft3.
  • in mist and spray.
  • with up to ¼ inch of light coating.
  • for about $650 on average.




The Model 320 microwave radar switch works:

  • up to 1000 ft.
  • up to 1000° F.
  • through non-metallic vessels and insulation.
  • through significant build-up and coating.
  • for about $1300 on average.

These are just two of many techniques APEC can offer for point level sensing. Call us for the most cost effective and reliable approach.

Other unique level items from APEC:

  • non-intrusive radar transmitters.
  • miniature ultrasonic transmitters & switches.
  • laser transmitters.
  • unbreakable sight glasses.
  • and more!


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