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LEVEL NOTES . . . .   Spring 1998


Does your vessel have a sight glass or top opening? Measure the level with a laser beam.

Of all the non-contact level measurement methods, only laser lets you aim exactly where you want to measure.

At any angle, through a sight glass, down a narrow column, between obstructions, or even into the drain, the Optech laser level monitor's beam is only 3.5 inches wide at 30 ft. At 800 ft, it's still accurate to within 0.5 inch. It works on liquids and solids. It penetrates most dust and vapors. It can be bounced off mirrors and works in CIP processes. Sight glass spray rings and mounting hardware are also available. For around $6 - $8K, an Optech laser monitor can put your toughest level or distance problems in a whole new light. Call for details.


Stop interpreting panel meters.

Have you ever overfilled a tank because the operator forgot exactly what the digital readout meant? How about a clogged filter or vacuum out of limits because of a misread gauge?

Perhaps you need a "non-think" display that shows everything at a glance. DistaView takes your 4-20 mA transmitter input and provides a large multicolored bar graph / panel indicator which shows the reading, alarm points, relay settings, and other limits. Prices start at $1300 with a variety of enclosures available. To see the color features of DistaView, access the "Capabilities" section on APEC's web site.


Level with APEC.

Over the years we've acquired a wide range of level instruments, and we think we're uniquely qualified to advise you on most of your level requirements. Because we represent not one, but several manufacturers, we have no incentive either to force fit a marginally-adequate device; or, to push an overkill device, because they're not the only things we have to offer. Continuous or point, contact or non-contact, simple or sophisticated, call us. We'll give you our best advice. For level measurement, APEC is your resource.


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