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MEASUREMENT NOTES . . . .    Fall 1999 
Plant Air & Gas Consumption

Some utility departments need to quantify plant air, fuel, chlorine, exhaust, and other gases for their accounting or efficiency records.  Pressurized gas volumes are hard to measure.  Fortunately, the Fox Industries model 10A thermal mass flow meter is ideal.  In ½" -72" combustible or other gas lines, the Fox's display reads in SCFM or equivalent.  The 100:1 turndown allows the Fox meter to be used down to very low flows.  Prices average $2500-$3000.

What's your toughest application?

When it comes to level & flow measurement, we want you to consider ACME as your best local resource.  Tell us your hardest measurement problem.  We have many manufacturers and technologies, from simple to sophisticated.  We'll go through the options and suggest your most cost-effective and reliable solution.  If the capability exists to measure your tough level or flow conditions, ACME probably has what you need.

Don't throw away serviceable equipment over a dead power supply

We have a specialty repair service for  industrial power supplies.   If you have old or obsolete equipment for which replacement power supplies are no longer available; or, if they're prohibitively expensive, we can usually have them repaired for about 1/3 the cost of new, in normally around 5-10 days.  

Call for details.

Cut your transmitter costs by a third

Many plants have a mix of process transmitters, ie: Rosemount 1151, Honeywell ST3000, Foxboro 821, and others.  When these need to be replaced, users often want the same model for familiarity and ease of reinstallation.  Rather than ordering  replacements from manufacturers, a number of our good customers call ACME.  

Our remanufactured transmitters look and perform like new, cost typically two-thirds the price of new, and carry a two year, instead of a one year product warranty.  Let one vendor take care of all your transmitter needs.  Another reason to consider ACME as your partner for process instruments.

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