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Pressure Measurement

Key Terms

  • Gauge:  A mechanical visual pressure indicator.
  • Switch:  An electrical device which activates at a predetermined pressure.
  • Transmitter:  An analog electrical device which sends a varying  signal proportional to the pressure being sensed.
  • Diaphragm (or chemical) seal:  An attached mechanical membrane which makes contact with the process and senses the pressure without allowing the media to touch the pressure instrument.
  • Capillary:  A flexible armored hose to allow mounting of the pressure instrument at a convenient location away from the process connection.
  • Steam syphon:  A "gooseneck" connecting tube used to collect steam condensate to protect the pressure instrument from high temperatures.
What we typically need to know:
  • Type of device needed
  • Pipe Size and type connection
  • Gauge dial size 2 1/2", 4 1/2", or other
  • Pressure range & temperature
  • Media to be sensed
  • Vibration present
  • Type of display or output needed
  • Environmental conditions
  • Electrical classification and power available
Some pressure gauges use a single direct drive sensing element for vibrating or pulsating conditions.
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