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ACME Process Equipment Company is a sales office for industrial control equipment and a broker for several specialized types of services:

Process control consultants

Power Supply Repair
Visit our industrial power supply service web site for cost-effective repair solutions for industrial-grade electrical power supplies.  We can refurbish your old, obsolete, or expensive replacement power supplies.  Send us your broken industrial power supply.  In most cases the repair will be about one-third the cost of new.  Normal repair time is 5-10 working days, and the repair is warranted for one year.

Industrial power supply repair

Transmitter Repair or Remanufacture
We offer remanufactured process instruments for approximately 2/3 the cost of new, with a two year warranty.  Credit may also be available for your old instruments, depending on current needs.   Manufacturers include: Rosemount, Honeywell, Moore Products, Fisher Controls, and Foxboro.  Instruments include: pressure and temperature transmitters, transducers, magnetic flow systems, controllers, positioners, indicators and recorders.

Remanufactured transmitters
and process instruments

Nuclear Instrument Installation and Disposal
As you may know, nuclear instrumentation involves using small radioactive isotopes, or sources, to send low power gamma or neutron energy through tanks, pipes, or other vessels, to measure various properties of the contents inside.  Indiana adheres to the federal NRC standards, which requires industrial users of nuclear instrumentation to have specially licensed individuals install, relocate, and dispose of the sources for their nuclear instruments.  That's the bad news.  The good news is that TN Technologies and Kay-Ray/Sensall offer the most complete nuclear instrument service and support available.

Nuclear source service and disposal
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