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Key Terms
  • On / Off:  To control flow only in the open and shut positions.
  • Control:  To control flow by varying amounts according to the needs of the process.
  • Solenoid:  A simple electrical on / off valve used to start and stop the flow of clean liquids in 2" and smaller pipes.
  • Pinch:  A specialty valve for slurries, powders, and dirty or viscous processes.  Essentially a flexible reinforced section of pipe which closes by squeezing shut from the outside.
  • Actuator:  The connected driving device which opens or shuts the valve by remote control.  Can be pneumatic, electric, or hydraulic.
What we typically need to know:
  • Manual or automatic
  • Pipe Size, material, and connection
  • Flow pattern (2-way, 3-way, or 4 way)
  • Pressure & temperature
  • Media to be sensed
  • Material compatibility
  • Supply air available
  • Electrical classification and power available
Full bore pinch valves are used for control of slurries and abrasive media.  The white reinforced sleeve is a flexible elastomer material, similar to a gasket or o-ring.
Ball valves for ultra-clean
high-purity applications
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