Measurement Instrumentation
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Who are we?

As those experienced in instrumentation sometimes say, "One measurement is worth a thousand expert opinions."

The name ACME has been associated with an Indianapolis-based process sales organization for over 80 years.  The present ACME Process Equipment Company (APEC) was formed in 1987, having previously existed as the "non-Fisher Controls" products division of Acme Controls, now Cornerstone Controls.   APEC's products are process variable sensors and final control elements; and, APEC serves the process control and other industries throughout most of Indiana and eastern Illinois.

Although a few of APEC's instrumentation products are available from several suppliers, most of what APEC offers is unique, with capabilities or features not generally available elsewhere.  Some are more obvious, like TN Technologies Process-Isolated Radar Level Transmitters.  Others are more subtle, like Perma-Cal pressure gauges, which save maintenance budgets by outlasting conventional pressure gauges many times over.

If you're in a process control-related field, and if your conditions involve level, flow, composition, density, pressure, temperature, or electrical position control, the chances are good that APEC can help.  We have both an inside and outside sales staff and local inventory of commonly-needed items.

APEC's advantage to you, our customer, is that we have access to many diverse instruments from a variety of manufacturers.  Therefore, we have no reason either to try and force-fit a marginal technology, or to push an overkill technology, because we're not in the situation that those are all we have to sell.  Each of our manufacturers knows that we won't recommend their product if we feel it wouldn't be the best economic or technological choice for our customer.  It helps avoid misapplication and it ensures our instruments have the best chance for a reliable and long service life.

Call us anytime.   With our applications experience and wide range of technologies, we'll help you select the right instrument for your application.  Or if you like, we'll offer you an advisory opinion to confirm or review your tentative choice for the job.   You won't encounter any high pressure sales tactics.  You'll get knowledgeable, helpful people who'll either find the answers to your questions, or who'll refer you to another supplier when appropriate.  We hope you'll agree that APEC can be an exceptionally capable resource for your complete measurement needs.

Thank you for considering APEC.  We look forward to working with you.

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